The Ask

After partnering with Absolut and introducing a successful #AbsolutUnicorns photo opp activation for Pride 2016, Young Offenders refreshed the activation strategy and design to tie in with a new Absolut Pride brand direction in 2017.

The Approach

  • Offenders Sarah Cannon & Diana Lynn Vandermeulen collaborated to create the Absolut Crystal Palace; a reflective, colourful, holographic home for the #AbsolutUnicorns
  • Custom fabricated pillars cast colourful triangular shadows on the ground to tie in with Absolut Pride Mix bottle & social media prism look & feel
  • Custom brand ambassador uniforms including branded bomber jackets gave the activation a fresh approach
  • Consistent streams of interested consumers at every activation
  • Digital waivers ensured a streamlined public experience and maximized the number of participants

The Results

  • 2595 people rode the #AbsolutUnicorns across 5 activation dates in 2016 & 2017
  • 908 social posts – 35% of all participants shared the experience
  • 100% positive consumer feedback onsite

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