Absolut Nights

The Ask

How does Absolut’s global mission to transform the nightlife experience apply to the Canadian market in a way that resonates with culturally curious nightlife consumers? How can we re-introduce Absolut’s decades-long commitment to art & culture to a new generation?

The Approach

Young Offenders flexed its network to pull together a diverse set of Canada’s most influential nightlife talents: internationally acclaimed DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth, “The Supermaniak” Maria Jose Govea aka the go-to photographer for the world’s biggest DJs, and Montreal experience design super duo Adam Hummell and Shadi Assadi. We brought this group together for an opportunity to collaborate on a next-level touring experience combining music, immersive art, and photo-optimized party moments. Absolut Nights Tour was then born, and touched down in major markets and totally transformed local club venues with stadium-worthy experiences for grateful  party people in each city.

The Results

  • Sold-out venues across the country in all target city centres Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • 165% of national target for event RSVPs and 130% of national target for event attendance.
  • 1.3 million impressions on artist & event content on social media.
  • 98% positive consumer feedback on post-event survey

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